Skilled Nursing Care

We are equipped to care for individuals needing 24-hour nursing care, post-operative recuperation, or complex medical care demands. We also help manage chronically ill individuals who can no longer live independently. All residents are under the care of physicians. Along with these physicians, the interdisciplinary team (made up of nurses, social workers, dietitians, therapists and recreational specialists) oversees each patient’s care and individual needs. Our goal is to restore each patient as quickly as possible to his or her highest level of functioning and independence.

Rapid Recovery

Short term patients can receive diagnosis specialty care in our Rapid Recovery Units. These units concentrate on the patient’s individual recovery needs and assist in ensuring the patient is ready to send and stay home without return hospital visits.

A Caring Heart

Our staff is dedicated to providing your loved one with best-in-class healthcare services and providing those services with compassion and in a very thoughtful way.

Long Term Care

We know moving here is a hard decision and nowhere is going to be truly like being in your own home. However, Holiday Nursing Center’s goal is to make your home here with us as comfortable and stress free as possible.


Hospice care is a special health care option for patients and families faced with a terminal illness. Physicians, nurses, social workers, bereavement counselors, and volunteers work as a multi-disciplinary team to address the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient and their family.

We Lead the Way to Recovery

Holiday Nursing Center has one of the leading Rehabilitation programs in the industry, providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Our facility has a full team of experienced therapy professionals to provide patients with some of the most effective and innovative therapy programs in today’s market.

We understand

The process you’re about to begin, and the questions that you have asked yourself leading up to this decision, have been and undoubtedly will be, emotional ones. Is the timing right for the person that you love to move into a long term care facility? This is a tremendously difficult process to come to grips and cope with, and we understand that the decision to place your loved one in our care is fraught with uncertainty. However, the simple fact that you have asked yourself this very important question means that you are cognizant that it is within the realm of possibility that you need some help. We would be honored to be able to provide help to you and care to your loved one.